Lisa Temple-Cox
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Selected solo exhibitions/ collaborations:

  • ‘The Wearable Vanitas and other work’: Platform Gallery, Mistley
  • ‘Expérience 1: un Squelette Humain’: Benham Gallery, Colchester.

  • ‘Day of the Triffids’: site-specific sculpture, with Natasha Carsberg. Cunlhat, France.
  • 'Enclosure': installation with Tim Skinner and Kim Barclay. Benham Gallery, Colchester.

  • ‘Everything and More’: installation, Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester.
  • ‘Georgia’s Footsteps’: Hector Croot, Colchester.

  • ‘Everything and More’: site-specific installation, environmental art, and other work created during residency at the Chateau de Sacy: Picardie, France.

  • 'Luscious', Garden Cafe at the Minories, Colchester.

  • 'Objects Trouves en Boites', Les Livres Gallery, Colchester.

    Selected group exhibitions:


  • ‘Long Nights’: William Angel Gallery, London.

  • ‘Secrets’: interactive group installation, The Foundry, London.
  • ‘Shrines’: Surrounds sculpture trail, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester.
  • ‘Wearable Expressions’: Palos Verdes Arts Centre, California.
  • ‘Allotments’: Standing Room at Harrington Mills Studios, Nottingham.

  • ‘I came, I saw’: Town Hall Galleries, Ipswich.

  • Cuckoo Farm Studios group show, Babylon Gallery, Ely.
  • Cuckoo Farm Studios group show, Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings.

  • 'Dust to Dust': University Gallery, Essex University.

  • ‘Challenge the Nail’: Salon des Arts, London.

  • ‘Mutiny at the Barge House': Lost Property Art live art event, Barge House, Oxo Wharf, London.

  • 'Showing off: Essex artists': Cressing Temple barns.

  • '150 Years of Public Libraries': Les Livres gallery, Colchester.
  • 'Seeing the Words': group exhibit touring Essex libraries.

  • 'Studio in a Square': Minories gallery, Colchester.



  • Chantiers des Arts, Cunlhat, France. Week-long group residency, collaboration with Natasha Carsberg,

  • ‘Everything and More’ : Artist in Residence at the Chateau De Sacy, Picardie, France. Month-long residency informing site-specific installation, art in the environment, and other work.

  • 'Wavering': week-long group project , working with animator Peter Fluck, composer Glyn Evans, and other artists, to create a multi-media interactive art and sound installation. Chelmsford, Essex.

  • 'Ogni Dove': Artist in Residence at Damanhur. Two week residency culminating in mural painting inspired by the history and iconography of the community. Damanhur, Italy.

    Selected public commissions:


  • ‘Monkwick Bunker project’: mural on WW2 bunker, informed by workshops with children and feedback from residents on the estate, Colchester. (Monkwick Residents Association.)

  • ‘Creative Conveniences’: public art collaboration: three artists working together on three public toilets in key tourist locations in Colchester, Dedham, and Mersea. The first toilet, in Lion Walk, Colchester is now complete, for which I created a number of curiosity cabinets using objects donated by the public, inspired by the Castle Museum collections and history of the site. (Colchester Borough Council.)

  • ‘Rowhedge Heritage Mural’: celebrating village life and history on the wall of the village hall. (Rowhedge Residents Association.)

  • ‘Salarybrook Subway project’: mural project designed to enhance and encourage the use of an underpass running between Greenstead Estate and Essex University. (Greenstead Youth Centre, Essex University.)
  • ‘Widdecombe House’: Garden enhancement project in collaboration with a garden designer, at a sheltered housing establishment for adults with learning difficulties, Harold Wood, London. (East Potential.)

  • ‘Riverside Living Project’: interpretation panel for the riverbank in Halstead, created in collaboration with sculptor Gary Thrussell. Informed by workshops with Colchester and Braintree Gateway, and in consultation with Colchester and Braintree Museums services, River Colne conservation group, Mencap, and PORTAL Essex.
  • ‘Occasio House stairwell’: a mixed-media panel designed and created with the young people resident at an East Potential residential facility in Harlow. (East Potential)

  • ‘For Mark’: commemorative wall-mounted box assemblage commissioned by Colchester Arts Centre.

  • ‘Marks Hall Estate’: two week residency working with the community, designing and creating artwork for a site on an estate in Rochford. (Footprints community group, Rochford Borough Council.)

  • ‘Rural Mural’: workshops at Writtle College with four Chelmsford Schools, leading to design for a mural in an underpass in Central Park, Chelmsford. (Writtle College and Chelmsford Arts Development.)

    Awards and prizes:


  • 'Best in show Accessory' for 'Vanitas 4:Night Creatures', Wearable Expressions, Palos Verdes Arts Centre, CA
  • 'Art in the Built Environment': Colchester2020 and RIBA Architectural award for 'Creative Conveniences' Lion Walk toilets.

    Upcoming exhibitions and projects:

  • 'The Double-Skinned Shed': residency/installation/exhibition, Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm Studios. Colchester, May 2009
  • 'Rainforest:Essex' work inspired by residency at Writtle College, Chelmsford. Ongoing.